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Painlessly over the line

Endurance sports such as triathlons are becoming very popular. Less popular are the painful, weeping wounds caused by clothing chafing against the skin for hours on end. However, help is at hand in the guise of dressings made by a Belgian company called ReSkin that are based on SILPURAN® ultrapure silicones.


About us

Mai 2005 was an important and crucial moment in the history of Reskin. Quite some number of complaints coming from cyclists were formulated stating that during competition spread over several days, many of them had problems at their seat. Due to changing weather conditions ( one day it was very hot, the other day it was raining for hours,…), the skin had become very sensitive.

shapes8As a consequence, many cyclists got skin irritation at their seat such as burns and ulcers.

The problem and of course also the solution had to be found out of the scope of the chamois. The chamois can’t solve the problem as it only works as a pressure relieving device.

Another solution needed to be found; a solution which would significantly diminish the shearing forces. “ReSkin” was born.

This new generation cycling seat pad represents a tremendous step forward in the prevention of chronic wounds. It can be used as a stand-alone product or in combination with a standard chamois for extra pressure absorption. The ReSkin cycling pad (ReSkin Bike) is lined with a self-adhesive medical grade polymer gel, specially designed to relieve the friction between the body and the bicycle saddle or rough surfaces like the seam area where the chamois is sewed on the shorts or sand that has made access into the short.

The most important benefits of ReSkin® patches are:

  • Optimum prevention of friction
  • High seat comfort
  • Excellent moisture vapour transport
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Long term hygienic properties
  • Easy-care, washable at 30°C
  • Skin friendly


Peter Croonen

CEO, legal & Finance: Peter Croonen

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Stany Haentjens

Product & Business Development Manager Medical: Stany Haentjens

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Joost van Osnabrugge

Production Advisor: Joost Van Osnabrugge

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