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Effective and proven silicone adhesive protective & wound bandage

ReSkin Care and ReSkin Sport  are soft, one-sided silicone adhesive bandages. Top layer of elastic lycra fibers. ReSkin patches are bi-elastic – elastic in both directions, in the length and in the width – and can be repositioned. The bi-elasticity minimizes the effect of shearing and rubbing forces ( when wearing new shoes or textured clothing), limiting the risk of skin lesions such as blistering and skin irritation; the skin stays in optimal condition.

In prevention:

  • On every part of the body which needs protection against friction and blistering.
  • To avoid skin irritation while walking, running, etc.
  • When running in new shoes, the bandage can offer solace through pain relief and no further skin damage.

In case of minor superficial wounds:

  • In case of an already formed blister, the bandage reliefs the pain and protects the blister against the effects of further friction.
  • Can also be used as protective layer on small superficial wounds, foot crack, all kinds of skin irritation such as intertrigo, scratch lesions, etc…



1. Use a patch which is large enough to secure a perfect seal. ReSkin patches provide immediate pain relief when used on areas subject to friction. 2. Ensure you clean and dry the skin before using ReSkin patches. Do not use on wounds with signs of infection. 3. Do not use in combination with creams or ointments, as the dressing may no longer stick to the skin or to the blister. 4. Gently remove the larger part of the protective layer which protect the adhesive. 5. Gently press the half-exposed part of the patch onto the blister or onto the area to protect. Take care, not to touch the adhesive side of the patch. Remove the remaining part of the protective paper. 6. Rub the ReSkin patch quite firmly onto the skin or blister, ensuring a perfect smoothening of the borders of the dressing. 7: To get the best result: use ReSkin patch until the skin is fully repaired. ReSkin patch is breathable, skin- friendly and can be removed without pain; only a single hair will stick onto the adhesive. In case of a hairy skin, shaving in advance is recommended. Remark: In case of heavy sweating or moist skin, ensure your skin is dry and clean; ReSkin patch does not secure a proper adherence when used on moist skin. ReSkin patch can be repositioned; in case ReSkin patch is not applied properly or if ReSkin patch doesn’t properly seal off the protected area anymore, ReSkin patch can be removed without any pain and can be reapplied. The soft silicone adhesive of ReSkin patch secures a painless dressing change. Frequency of change ReSkin patch can be left in place for several days. If used as protective layer on a skin at risk to limit the consequences of shearing forces, it is recommended to change the patch once a week. Removal of the patch is painless and does not harm the underlying skin.Since September 2009, I’m suffering from small post surgical wounds at one of my feet. Sometimes they heal but unfortunately they reopen due to continuous friction of ReSkin against my shoes when walking. Therefore I never can swim or run without wearing bandages. On the 11th of June 2010, my pedicure, working at an esthetic dermatological ward, proposed ReSkin patches, a brand new soft Silicone dressing with ReSkin technology. Shortly after the first application, I saw the first positive signs: the wound healed and stayed closed. Also, as the dressing is quite thin, it was very comfortable. I started immediately to look after more ReSkin silicone dressings as I organized a trip to Sri Lanka. I never left the house without the ‘ReSkin’ dressing; at night, I took off the dressing and washed and dried it, so I could use it again in the morning. During my next visit at the dermatological ward, the doctors were very surprised. The wounds stay healed and no callosity was observed. Today, I’m still using ReSkin, primarily in prevention to avoid new skin irritation ( formation of callosity and reopening of the healed wounds). In my opinion, this new product, once on the market, will bring an important improvement in wound care as well as in prevention to avoid skin lesions.