Effective and proven silicone adhesive protective & wound bandage

ReSkin Care   are soft, one-sided silicone adhesive bandages. Top layer of elastic lycra fibers. ReSkin patches are bi-elastic – elastic in both directions, in the length and in the width – and can be repositioned. The bi-elasticity minimizes the effect of shearing and rubbing forces ( when wearing new shoes or textured clothing), limiting the risk of skin lesions such as blistering and skin irritation; the skin stays in optimal condition. Available at your pharmacy or drugstore.

In prevention:

  • On every part of the body which needs protection against friction and blistering.
  • To avoid skin irritation while walking, running, etc.
  • When running in new shoes, the bandage can offer solace through pain relief and no further skin damage.

In case of minor superficial wounds:

  • In case of an already formed blister, the bandage reliefs the pain and protects the blister against the effects of further friction.
  • Can also be used as protective layer on small superficial wounds, foot crack, all kinds of skin irritation such as intertrigo, scratch lesions, etc…

ReSkin Blister

  • Prevention of heel blisters
  • Diminishes the effect of friction (redness & blistering) on the heel Discrete
  • Ideal solution when using new shoes, for walking, hiking,…
  • Skin colored or white

ReSkin Wound

  • Superficial non to low exuding wounds when fragile skin
  • Supports MWH (moist wound healing) when superficial, non to low exuding wounds ( incisions, abrasions, open heel blisters,…)

  • A-traumatic, painless removal

ReSkin Scar

  • Recently healed wounds, scars,…
  • Improves the esthetic look of recently healed wounds & scars

  • Ideal solution after plastic surgery, healed wounds,…