May 2005 was an important and crucial moment in the history of Reskin. Close follow-up of cyclists during competition spread over several days, made clear that many of them had skin lesions at their seat. Due to changing weather conditions ( one day it was very hot, the other day it was raining for hours,…), the skin had become very sensitive and skin irritation such as superficial burns, blisters and ulcers appeared.


As the shammy can’t solve the problem as it only works as a pressure relieving device,  the solution had to be found out of the scope of the shammy. 

A solution which would significantly diminish the shearing forces needed to be found. This lead to the creation of  “ReSkin” .

In the following years  ReSkin evolved towards a trustful medical equiment manufacturer with the development of Spycra Protect followed by Spycra Contact & Spycra Contact Two.
Recently ReSkin added Spycra Roll & Spycra Film to their product porfolio; an innovative range of silicone based PU films. 

The most important benefits of ReSkin® dressings are:

  • Protection of fragile skin
  • A-traumatic dressing changes
  • Ease of use


CEO, Legal & Finance : Peter Croonen

E-mail: p.croonen@reskin.eu
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General Manager & Quality Manager : Stany Haentjens

E-mail: s.haentjens@reskin.eu
Mobile.: +32/478.78.02.28 
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