Sterile, soft , silicone adhesive wound dressing

Spycra Protect is a soft, one-sided silicone adhesive dressing. Spycra Protect is a bi-elastic dressing; elastic in both directions - in the length and in the width -, can be repositioned and has rounded edges to stay better in place. The bi-elasticity diminishes the effects of friction preventing the appearance of skin lesions in case of fragile skin (prevention of skin tears, scratch wounds,…)or in case of skin@risk (prevention of blistering when walking, running, ….) The wide scaled pore structure of the dressing allows the dressing to breath and supports an optimal wound healing process. Top layer of lycra fibers, giving the dressing a silken-like look. Does not absorb..

  • No pain and trauma/secondary skin lesions ( loss of epidermis )when changing the dressing.

  • Dressing can be re-positioned allowing safe and easy wound inspection during care process.

  • No adhesive residue on the skin after removal of the dressing.

  • Minimal risk for skin irritation or allergy.

  • Perfect sealing of wound edges; no risk for maceration of surrounding skin.

  • Painless dressing changes; increased patient comfort.

  • Easy application.

  • Easy removal of the dressing; less time spending.

  • No risk for maceration wound edges; the surrounding skin stays dry and healthy.

  • Minimal dressing changes; minimal risk for damaging newly formed tissues.

  • Minimal risk for traction on skin tissue;

  • Less friction >>> skin stays in perfect condition;

  • Support of fragile skin tissues;

  • Flexible >>> perfect fit, even on difficult areas such as joints…

  • Minimal risk to get friction wounds.

  • Minimal risk for blistering.

  • Can be used on fragile -thin- skin.

  •  Minimal risk to develop skin tears.

  •  No leakage; increased patient comfort.

  •  Increased comfort for the care giver.

  • Breathable; minimal risk for maceration of the skin ( evaporation of transpiration );

  • Breathable ; minimal risk for maceration of wound edges ( evaporation of excess wound fluid );

  • Less risk for secondary wound infections;

  • No maceration of surrounding skin; increased patient comfort.

  • No maceration of wound edges.

  • Long wear time; stays well in place.

  • Many applications;

  •  Support of fragile skin.

    Spycra Protect can be used preventively as a protective layer when applied on ‘skin at risk’ to support fragile skin. The bi-elastic properties of the dressing protect the fragile skin tissues minimizing the risk of skin tears.

    Spycra Protect can also be used to minimize the friction and shearing forces among E.B patients, bedridden patients and wheelchair and prostheses users

Reference Size (cm) Size (in.)
SDSC - 575
5 cm x 7,5 cm
2.0 in. x 3.0 in.
SDSC - 7510
7,5 cm x 10 cm
3.0 in. x 4.0 in.
SDSC - 1018
10 cm x 18 cm
4.0 in. x 7.0 in.
SDSC - 1830
18 cm x 30 cm
7.0 in. x 12 in.
SDSC - 5150
5 cm x 150 cm
2.0 in. x 59 in.