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Kevin De Weert, Quick Step Pro Cycling Team

“The biggest part of my training time was done in cold and rainy Belgium, but now we’re riding in sunny circumstances most of the time, in countries where the first preparation races are held. Although the weather is mostly very good, with temperatures rising above 20°C, there’s also a major downside: burning feet. This phenomenon occurs often when it’s warm, when there’s friction between the insole of the shoe and the big toe. This is already my 13th season as a rider, and I’ve tried everything I could to prevent me from having this problem, and nothing worked, until I discovered ReSkin during the Tour of Qatar. After putting the patch in its place, I had to admit I didn’t have any complaints about burning feet. To be sure this wasn’t a coincidence, I raced without the ReSkin patches and the problems came back. Now it was clear for me I had found the solution for my 13-year old problem. Ever since, my feet are burn free. Kind regards from “burn-free” Kevin. ”

Sofie Goos, Pro Triathlete Uplace BMC

“New in the triathlon world, I also encountered the same problems that occur during these The training camps and the longer training rides have started and although I’m relatively training rides. I read a lot of reactions of male riders on the site, but women also encounter the same problems when they’re riding. Once you have problems with frictions and blisters on your buttocks, it can take weeks to get rid from them. My first test with ReSkin was last year, and it worked for me! As a result my rides were more comfortable. I heard ReSkin works well on the feet as well. Especially during the races, when lots of triathletes run without socks, I often complain about blisters. I know what I’m going to put in my suitcase when I leave for my next race: ReSkin to protect my feet against blisters!”

Bart Brentjens, Olympic MTB Champion, Atlanta 1996

“After my crash in Verviers I had some deep wounds on my elbow and knee, and I directly put ReSkin on top of the wounds. The wounds were so deep they kept bleeding for a couple of days. I’ve kept the ReSkin patches in place (I’ve changed them once in a while), and I’ve put a plaster on top of it, to absorb the bleeding. When you place ReSkin patches on a wound, they won’t stick into clothing and plasters. The wounds heal very nicely. ReSkin also prevents from chafing when you ride during rainy days. You just have to put a ReSkin patch between the legs, where the tip of the saddle touches the legs, and the friction problem is gone!”

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Michiel Braakhekke (X-Bionic Adventure Race Team)

“Cycling for more than 120 hours non-stop, running and skiing in the snowed polish lands…. That’s the challenge waiting for us when we are at the starting point of the Bergson Winter Challenge – part of the Adventure Race (AR) World Series. Because it happens during winter, it is called one of the most difficult races in the world. Till now, never we ventured us to participate at such a long races. We knew from experience that even during shorter competitions, we often had friction related problems on heels, groins, nipples and perineum. Training sessions during winter learned us that cold even worsened the problem; a skin at risk combined with cold weather conditions is an excellent combination ….. We absolutely wanted to step out the race for reasons such as skin irritation or pressure related causes (we wouldn’t be the first to whom it would happen ) and as a preventive measure we took a lot of ReSkin along with us. Before the start of the race, we applied the ReSkin dressings on all skin at risk spots……; nice to experience that all the ReSkin dressings stayed in pace up to 3 to 5 days! The ReSkin Bike-patch (to be applied on the perineum) and originally designed to be used by cyclists, stayed in place for several days. A member of our team confirmed that, even after several hundreds km of cycling, his skin condition was excellent despite the fact that usually he always has severe skin irritation. The ReSkin Nipple-patch also stayed in place till the end of the race without curling / loosening; no pain was experienced and no bleedings occurred. The larger ReSkin Allround-patch (cut in the middle and each half applied on each groin) stayed in place during the (long!) shower we took after the 5 days and nights non-stop sporting! In short, ReSkin kept our skin healthy; we most certainly will use these dressings again during our future races! ”

Frederik Van Lierde, Ironman World Champion, Hawaii 2013

“I’ve used the ReSkin patches when I was training for the Iron Man in New Zealand, especially during long rides. Training rides of 4, 5 or even 6 hours could be done in much more comfortable circumstances than before. No saddle soreness whatsoever, even in intensive training weeks with lots of rides on the schedule! As a triathlete there are periods I have to train 3 times a day, and it’s not a laugh when I have to run or swim with blisters and/ or irritation on those strategic places, because of the training rides. I’ve also used the ReSkin patch during the race. I’ve placed the patch an hour before the start of the race. After 3,8km of swimming, 180km of riding and 42km of running, and a hot shower, the patch was still on its place! I haven’t had any complaints about irritation or soreness during the race, just perfect! For me ReSkin was one of the things that really helped me during my Iron Man debut! I haven’t used the ReSkin on other spots like the feet, the neck, etc, but I’m going to try that out in the near future. ”


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